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Doss-House : Nursery Rhyme

After playing guitar in his teens, Alex Ritch discovered there were new musical possibilities using the computer. He then began , in early 2000 , to record under the psuedonym "doss-house" . Fascinated by the oneiric world , Alex seeks to recreate the musically naivete of childhood , and the madness of dreams. His music is mainly influenced by electronica/IDM, and such names as Plaid, Aphex Twin and Kettel.
He released his first album Dreamland, with a mixture of original compositions , and a few remixes. In parallel, he is working with the writer Sebastian Bellanger on the soundtrack of his novel Lunerf and of his book Lacryma. Following Dreamland , came an EP on the Dedpop label in 2008.
Subsequently, his encounters with fellow electronica artists Ritzen and John Merick, give birth to the project Aniline , and the trio Meriline Avenue.
Alex then joined the Bee Records label in 2012.


Photo doss-house


Lp | 2012.11 | BEE records

Artwork by Fred Lapin Noir

1-Drew Am
6-Polyphasic Sleep
9-Broken Legs
10-Arrow Of Time
11-Slow Bubble's Space
12-Sea Nymph

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